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SLT – Scooter Library of tunes


The Scooter list of tunes is a list of every Scooter tune released so far, along with a short description. I may have missed many tunes. If that’s the case, please help out!  My knowledge about certain tunes is surely incomplete, as I am only doing this as an interest.

The list is in alphabetical order in a numerical list. I’ll mention an abbreviation of the albums that correspond with each tune. This list of tune will be updated when new material has been released under the Scooter name.


Our abbreviations of the studio albums:

  1. SA-01 : “…And The Beat Goes On!”.
  2. SA-02 : “Our Happy Hardcore”.
  3. SA-03: “Wicked!”.
  4. SA-04: “Age Of Love”.
  5. SA-05: “No Time To Chill”.
  6. SA-06: “Back To The Heavyweight Jam”.
  7. SA-07: “Sheffield”.
  8. SA-08: “We Bring The Noise!”.
  9. SA-09: “The Stadium Techno Experience”.
  10. SA-10: “Mind The Gap”.
  11. SA-11: “Who’s Got The Last Laugh Now?”.
  12. SA-12: “The Ultimate Aural Orgasm”.
  13. SA-13: “Jumping All Over The World”.
  14. SA-14: “Under The Radar Over The Top”.
  15. SA-15: “The Big Mash Up”.
  16. SA-16: “Music For A Big Night Out”.

List of Tunes

  1. Acid Bomb: This is the bomb! I got my screen name to the Scooter forums from the title of this WBTN! song. Just turn up your blaster and hear this song. Features various drums and kicking bass. Has cool male and female vocals, and neither are high-pitched!
  2. Across The Sky: A rave b-side. Nice.
  3. Aiii Shot The D.J.: See: I Shot The D.J. Further down!
  4. A Little Bit Too Fast: This track is a trance tune from TSTE album with a hard bass.
  5. All I Wanna Do: This MTG track begins with awesome buffet of breaks and later gets a nice bass line, synths, HP, HPV, and the like.
  6. Am Fenster: A track sung (by HP) in German! Sounds great. Nice synth melody, and kicking bass.
  7. And No Matches: The starter single of JAOTW album (if not counting TQIWITQ), cool jumpstyle track with interesting HP lyrics with a fun Tarzan-like shout part.
  8. Apache: A short but nice trance instrumental from WGTLLN?.
  9. Apache Rocks The Bottom!: This track was a single release from the album WGTLLN?, yet the track actually wasn’t on the album; Scooter combines the tracks Apache and Rock Bottom from the album together, and here’s the result. The tracks fit together a lot better than I would’ve thought. Anyways, it was pretty nice Scooter tried some experimental stuff again.
  10. Awakening: Nice instrumental tune from W! album.
  11. Back In Time: Very nice rave b-side. Happy and sad at the same time, in my opinion. Perhaps it’s saying there are happy memories but you can’t live them again no matter what you do.
  12. Back In The IrelandHaven’t heard this song yet..
  13. Back In The U.K: Scooter’s tribute to the UK. This OHH song may have something to do with that fact that HP is a huge fan of Brittain.
  14. Beautiful Vibes: Pretty much what the title of the song promises. A ATBGO! track with some breaks, soft synth and bass, and female voice (not very high-pitched) singing.
  15. Behind The Cow: The first track of the 4th chapter! Cool Scooter tune featuring a short rap part with a guest rapper Fatman Scoop. The track sounds pretty good overall, and HP vocals are great. The rap part caused a lot controversy, but personally I like it. From TUAO album.
  16. B.O.B.: A great electro-house b-side, kicking bass and nice melodies and sounds on the background. This track is more on the serious side of Scooter.
  17. Bramfeld: Nice technoish b-side.
  18. Break It Up: A peaceful ballad from the W! album. Features soft sounds and acoustic guitar, and HP singing. This song shows that HP can really sing too instead of MCing.
  19. B-Site: An instrumental b-side from I’m Raving.
  20. Burn The House: Nice beats from the WBTN! album! Features nice vocals that sound a bit like they’d be synth sounds!
  21. Call Me Mañana: A NTTC track that is a lot harder as a single version than as an album version! The two versions are very different. Sounds like a chase of some short. Extremely powerful when heard live!
  22. Cambodia: Scooter’s try at this famous song, from JAOTW album. Hard instrumental jumpstyle, works well.
  23. Chinese Whispers: A trance track from WBTN! album. Nice rythms and cool synths. Features both male and female vocals, probably in Chinese, which aren’t high-pitched.
  24. Choir Dance: A b-side with great melody and sounds. I like it a lot.
  25. Circle Of Light: Nice instrumental b-side. There’s plenty of synth and such. Good ending for a hard single (One (Always Hardcore)).
  26. Coldwater Canyon: Cool tune from W!. Versatile sound world. At one point the music goes nicely slow and later gets faster once again.
  27. Cordyline: Kicking trance b-side. The sound world is slightly eerie, yet beautiful at the same time.
  28. Cosmos: Pretty neat rave instrumental from the very first album, ATBGO!.
  29. Countdown: Cool experimental track that features HP counting down a minute, and a clock ticking in the background! Ideal for new year’s eve parties (this is what it was probably made for, too)! :) Doesn’t feature any music. In the end there are fireworks booming.
  30. Crank It Up: A hardcore track from OHH album. Not typical Scooter sound, but still a nice song.
  31. Cubic: A cool trance tune that ends the S album.
  32. Curfew: Very nice trance b-side. Plenty of cool synths and deep bass. Calm atmosphere, yeah.
  33. Dancing In The Moonlight: Calming, slow-tempo track with HP singing, straight from the AOL. Not a floor filler, but still a nice track.
  34. Devil Drums: Lot’s of drums, good drive. The last track of WBTN!.
  35. Different Reality: First track of SA-01. Genre: Happy hardcore, rave. Length: – .  Nice, happy and calming instrumental tune from first album.ry
  36. Does The Fish Have Chips?: Third track of wesome track with HP vocals and hard drums, great breaks, and electric guitar! Yes! From TUAO.
  37. Don’t Gimme The Funk: A track from S album that definitely should have been a single! Great HP lyrics and vocals (using some filter or something in this song, I think) and awesome sounds. The sounds are soft yet they still have power in them. Good example of the Scooter’s stadium sound. Time will never stop, so let’s start it up!
  38. Don’t Let It Be Me: A love song or somesuch from W!. Another happy tune, and HP sings throughout the song.
  39. Don’t Stop
  40. Instrumental tune from NTTC. Very slightly HP vocals, but that’s better than none.
  41. Don’t Waste No Time
  42. Cool tune with HP and some other voice singing. From AOL, as many of Scooter’s most calming songs are from.
  43. Down To The Bone
  44. Good trancey tune from the S album.
  45. Dusty Vinyl
  46. An instrumental from the S album. Fast pace and good kick.
  47. East Sands Anthem
  48. Awesome track with great vocoder vocals, synths and bagpipes making great melodies! The bass lines are awesome and there is some very deep sounds. And awesome anthem from TUAO. Has also some cool violins and such!
  49. Endless Summer
  50. Uplifting rave song for those who love summer! :) Features HP, crowd voices, and high-pitched female vocals. From ATBGO!.
  51. Enola Gay
  52. Scooter’s version of OMD’s classic, very kicking and better if you ask me. From JAOTW. Instrumental jump, but with a voice saying something I can’t decipher, and another saying ‘hardstyle, baby’, crazy mixture but it works.
  53. Eternity
  54. Fast rave b-side.
  55. Euphoria
  56. Nice instrumental b-side from the Rebel Yell single release.
  57. Everlasting Love
  58. Slightly harder fast track from the WGTLLN? album. Sounds a bit like some 1st chapter hardcore style. Features HP and HPV vocals. :) Clever idea was to use sound of clock ticking as this song is talking about everlasting love.
  59. Everything’s Borrowed
  60. NTTC track with nice bass and good serious HP lyrics. :) Could be considered existentialistic if there’s such a word.
  61. Expecting More From Ratty
  62. Nice tune hinting about Ratty. From NTTC. Features HP vocals and some vocoder voice.
  63. Experience
  64. A fast happy hardcore track from OHH. Features whistles!
  65. Eyes Without A Face
  66. Song with some acoustic guitar, HP singing in English, and a beautiful female voice singing in French. Meaningful lyrics and beautiful sounds. From NTTC.
  67. FasterHarderScooter
  68. This BTTHJ song is definitely faster, harder, and Scooterer than the one on the first album. :) Powerful beat, great synth, crowd singing, and HP shouting crowning it all. Also has a good distorted electric guitar in it. Yeah!
  69. Faster Harder Scooter
  70. The tune of ATBGO!. Features parts from other songs of the album neatly mixed, and new sounds added.
  71. Fire
  72. A famous Scooter track and often a live favourite of crowds. Features good beat and nice electrical guitar riff. HP vocals. Definitely the hardest song on the AOL album.
  73. Firth Of Forth
  74. One of my favourite b-sides. The sound world is great, especially with some soft flute or such. Many different sounds in this track. Calming effect.
  75. Forever (Keep Me Running)
  76. Cool instrumental from AOL. Features a male voice, great bass line and synths.
  77. Frequent Traveller
  78. Nice beat with cool “hey!” shouts and some female singing. This track sounds a bit exotic in my opinion, and that’s probably why the name of the song is Frequent Traveller. From NTTC.
  79. Friends
  80. A famous happy hardcore track from ATBGO!. The single version sounds a lot different, and I like it more than the album version. Both good, though. Single version features some HP vocals too!
  81. Fuck The Millenium
  82. Transmission: Here is the force! This song has a f*cking good energy and bass in it. The BTTHJ version is pretty good but the single version is even better! One of the best Scooter tracks ever, especially live and loud!
  83. Giant’s Causeway
  84. Powerful trance b-side. One of my favourite Scooter instrumentals. Especially the synth sounds in this one.
  85. Greatest Beats
  86. A b-side for We Are The Greatest. Nice electro sound.
  87. Habanera
  88. There supposedly exists a shorter version of the track, but the only released form of it is Habanera (Big Room Mix) that can be found on Push The Beat For This Jam, the second chapter singles collection. It’s unknown, at least to me, what the shorter version sounds like (if it does exist). The track that can be found on the singles compilation sounds very powerful, there’s plenty of bass, nice synths, opera singing, and even violins. Great track.
  89. Habibi Halua
  90. Cool intro of WBTN! album. Low sounds and female singing. Perfect start for Posse (I Need You On The Floor)!
  91. Hands Up!
  92. Kicking track from NTTC. Great lyrics in my opinion. Everything fits together very nicely on this track. This is the voice from outer space, responsible rhythm for the human race!
  93. Hello! (Good To Be Back)
  94. A hard track to start the WGTLLN? right after the intro.
  95. Hit The Drum
  96. Cool track from AOL with a nice bass and vocals. HP and female voices. I especially like the part where the music slows down for a while.
  97. Horny In Jericho
  98. An intro track of TUAO album. Pretty nice sounding intro, it’s almost three minutes, and sounds quite ominous and dark. Could even be dark ambient! Features real instruments!
  99. How Much Is The Fish?
  100. A crazy track from NTTC! Sounds great.
  101. Hyper Hyper
  102. An old-school Scooter tune from ATBGO!. It’s likely you’ve heard this song if you lived in the 90s! Happy raving.
  103. Hysteria
  104. Fast and darkish track from OHH. Mentions the xtacy. Not typical Scooter sound.
  105. Ignition
  106. A great intro track for the album TSTE. Fits perfectly with Maria!
  107. Introduction
  108. The intro track of AOL. A bit dark, and features sounds from the sci-fi movie Predator, if I remember correct.
  109. I’ll Put You On The Guest List
  110. Nicely bass driven track from BTTHJ. Features HP vocals and good lyrics.
  111. Imaginary Battle
  112. An awesome TUAO track with strong bass, some high-pitch voice, HP vocals! Has an awesome part with HP rapping and violins!
  113. I’m Lonely
  114. Awesome track from JAOTW, great HP vocals with lyrical tricks and Nikk’s vocals that sound great, and the music blends just perfectly! The single version of it is very different and even better!
  115. I’m Raving
  116. A happy W! rave track with nice HP lyrics.
  117. I’m Your Pusher
  118. A strong track with crowd singing, HP shouts, great bass, and bagpipe sounds. From S for the Scotland posse.
  119. I Shot The D.J.
  120. The TSTE album version of the song. Not as powerful or cool as the single version, but still pretty nice! The single has more power and cooler sounds in it. For some reason, in the single version “I” is replaced with “Aiii” in the track’s title.
  121. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
  122. Scooter’s version of the famous song. Nice sounds and HP sings pretty well. Featured on NTTC.
  123. Jigga Jigga!
  124. Welcome to the main arena! A party bomb with uplifting beats and great HP shouts. Features non-HPV female singing. Seen on album MTG.
  125. Jumping All Over The World
  126. The first real track on JAOTW, sharing the album’s title. Has cool HP lyrics with interesting voice change in them, the song starts with HP spitting out lyrics even a bit furiously and later all kinds of jumpstyle stuff kicks in. Interesting one.
  127. Jump That Rock!
  128. A jumpstyle track with a lot power. Scooter made it quickly just before the 2008 tour, for a tour exclusive, and it sounded massive, great HP rhymes and shouts and wicked bass. Later on, the track, finished and likely slightly different (haven’t heard other than the tour version yet), appeared on the UK release of JAOTW, as a track number 13, added in just before the outro.
  129. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)
  130. Wow, a dream collaboration for Scooter, and especially for HP! Jump That Rock made entirely different once again, and released as a single. Awesome beats, mad rhymes, and Status Quo provided the sound sample and appeared in the video! They thought the project was interesting and sounding great! Very cool track!
  131. Kashmir
  132. Plenty of bass in this BTTHJ track. The vocals fit in pretty well. There’s some melody that sounds pretty foreign (and cool too).
  133. Keyser Soze
  134. Nice intro track of BTTHJ. Has the cryptic “use your dildo” message if you play it reversed.
  135. Killer Bees
  136. The intro track of MTG. Bees are invading the London Underground. You can hear the familiar “mind the gap” ask.
  137. Lass Uns Tanzen
  138. A massive bass track from TUAO! Features HP vocals in German!! Awesome tune!
  139. Last Minute
  140. A nice instrumental from OHH using a melody of a Hebrew folk song “Hava Nagila” (meaning “Let us rejoice” in English). The melody is well known.
  141. Last Warning
  142. The intro track of NTTC. You can hear right from the beginning that the style has now changed harder. It’s time for the 2nd chapter! Yeah!
  143. Leave In Silence
  144. The last track of AOL. Very peaceful song about love, about impossible love or love that doesn’t happen, sung by HP. Nice track but not very danceable.
  145. Let Me Be Your Valentine
  146. Fast paced happy rave track starting the OHH album. Features HP vocals.
  147. Level One
  148. A strong trance instrumental from TSTE.
  149. Lighten Up The Sky
  150. One of the best Scooter instrumentals if you ask me. This six minute monster tune is from JAOTW album. It has a lot variation in it, it’s a thrilling ride of beats and sounds, and extremely powerful, it sounds awesome live. No kind of vocals in this one, either. Added later: Scooter has made a new version of the tune, it’s very different, kind of trance tune that also features HP vocals, really massive stuff!
  151. Lights Out
  152. The intro track of WGTLLN? album. Nice sound world. Nicely building up and preparing the listener for Hello! (Good To Be Back). I like the loud drums attacking and surprising the listener a few times.
  153. Like Hypa Said
  154. A powerful trance track from TSTE. Features HP vocals and non-high-pitched female singing softly.
  155. Liquid Is Liquid
  156. Booming trance tune from TSTE. Features a few non-HP sounds. Nice synths.
  157. Loops And Pipes
  158. Cool b-side instrumental with bagpipes and drum loops.
  159. Loud And Clear
  160. A b-side with HP vocals! Has also good bass and nice synths.
  161. Love Is An Ocean
  162. Neat instrumental and the last track of TUAO album.
  163. Main Floor
  164. An instrumental from BTTHJ with a lot bass in it.
  165. Maria (I Like It Loud)
  166. Now here’s a massive energy track from the TSTE album! One of the favourite tracks of HP. Excellent as live, too! Hard bass, crowd singing, HP vocals, and a melody that’s easy to remember. The single version has even more drive, and there are a few other voices singing in that one as well!
  167. Marian (Version)
  168. A real surprise from JAOTW album — it’s not only not jumpstyle, but a dark track in style difficult to categorize. Scooter’s version of the song by The Sisters Of Mercy, a goth rock band. The HP vocals are very deep, the music is filled with wobbling deep bass, nice synth strings, and has a hint of 80s in it. The track is great, as usually, and better than the original, and very much different. HP singing this sounds better and a lot more powerful.
  169. MC’s Missing
  170. MC is missing! Glad he’s found right after this intro track of S album, in the great Don’t Gimme The Funk song. Builds up nicely.
  171. Mesmerized
  172. The last track of WGTLLN?. A nice trance track that many say is the best Scooter trance track ever. I don’t end with that opinion, however.
  173. Monolake
  174. Calm b-side, chillout. Not very danceable, but still very nice to listen to.
  175. Move Your Ass!
  176. A classic Scooter track from the first album, ATBGO!Kick it up! Hardcore! Not my favourite tracks but I guess the 1st chapter fans dig this.
  177. My Eyes Are Dry
  178. Great track from MTG. Cool bass and tunes with nice distorting voice effect applied on HP’s voice.
  179. Nessaja
  180. Aaah. It can’t get better from this! One of the best Scooter tracks ever, and the greatest floor filler. Sounds excellent live. Awesome synths accompanied with great bass line. Topped with HP shouts and HPV. The painted cow! Yaaaaargh!
  181. Neverending Story
  182. Banging jumpstyle track from JAOTW with HP and very sweet HPV, works great. HP rhymes are cool, especially the part about London districts!
  183. Never Slow Down
  184. Cool tune from S album. Features HP vocals with a echo nice effect on them once in a while.
  185. New Years Day
  186. Nice b-side with some alarm sounds! Perhaps there was some Y2K paranoia in air when this track was composed. Quite long track that builds up nice and slow till it gets to full speed.
  187. No Fate
  188. Great Scooter tune with great lyrics, sung by HP. Great melody.
  189. No Pain, No Gain
  190. Trance b-side with great bass and cool melody. Very nice one.
  191. No Release
  192. The ending track of BTTHJ. Trance tune.
  193. One (Always Hardcore)
  194. A great MTG track! Both album and single version are pretty powerful. (Single version is naturally a bit better!) Features one of the favourite lines of HP, “I am the Horseman!“.
  195. Our Happy Hardcore
  196. A track with the same title as the album, OHH. Happy hardcore for those that dig that stuff.
  197. Panties Wanted
  198. A track from MTG that sounds a lot like a live track — there’s crowds and electric guitar. Sounds a lot better loud and live! HP vocals. The beat is not very fast, but still danceable.
  199. Path
  200. A gabber techno b-side tune! Pretty fast pace with a lot of bass! Slightly distortion. Great track, and a bit darker sound than Scooter usually does.
  201. Posse (I Need You On The Floor)
  202. An excellent WBTN! tune! Scooter is back harder as ever! Great bass, HP sounds, and the HPV! This track is fast with a lot energy. This was played a lot back in the day.
  203. Privileged To Witness
  204. WGTLLN? track with a strange title. :) HP and HPV voice. Sounds very good.
  205. Psycho
  206. A cool BTTHJ trance track with only a few HP lines. Every time I hear HP mentioning the time “when the justified ancients of Mu Mu ruled the world” I think of some psycho. :)
  207. Pulstar
  208. A cool trance track from TSTE album. Female voices only.
  209. Ramp! (The Logical Song)
  210. Excellent Scooter anthem, only released as a single. HP vocals, some high-pitch, good bass and addictive synths.
  211. Ratty’s Revenge
  212. Great track with HP vocals loud and clear, some Nikk vocals, awesome synths, and bass! From TUAO. Really uplifting!
  213. Rebel Yell
  214. Scooter cover of the rock song in hardcore form! From OHH. Great HP vocals.
  215. Remedy
  216. Cool WBTN! track with some non-HP vocal. Sounds good!
  217. Return Of The Future
  218. Perhaps the guys were inspired by Back to the Future when they chose the name for this instrumental AOL track.
  219. Rhapsody In E
  220. Excellent and beautiful rave instrumental from the ATBGO! album.
  221. Rock Bottom
  222. A hard track from WGTLLN?. Great beats, HP shouts, and crowd singing. Has the great Rotterdam finale.
  223. Roll Baby Roll
  224. Strong track from the TSTE album. Features HP vocals and a nice piano.
  225. R U Happy?
  226. This is a great kicking WBTN! trance instrumental with a few vocoder voice here and there asking “Are you happy?”.
  227. Scarborough Affair
  228. A track from TUAO with cool Nikk vocals, great HP lyrics and vocals, and as you can guess — BASS!
  229. Scooter Del Mar
  230. Easy listening, a nice instrumental from the W! album.
  231. See Me, Feel Me
  232. A track from WGTLLN? that should’ve been released as a single, according to many. Powerful tune with HP and a high-pitched vocal.
  233. Seven Bridges
  234. Hard bass line, great choir, pretty good HP vocals (and lyrics). Really good track. Pretty uplifting. Nice variations within the track. Can be heard on WGTLLN?.
  235. Sex Dwarf
  236. Not for the younger listeners, haha. This experimental track from S features cool bass, HP vocals singing, and some female vocals, erhm, “gasping”.
  237. Shake That!
  238. Scooter goes disco style in this MTG track. This track was a bit experimental, and I like it a lot.
  239. She Said
  240. A track from AOL. HP vocals.
  241. She’s The Sun
  242. A ballad from S album. Cool sounds and deep bass line. HP is singing pretty well.
  243. Shinjuku
  244. Cool b-side instrumental with oriental flavour. Something chillout, I guess.
  245. Shortbread
  246. Very nice Nessaja b-side. I especially like the organ sounds in it, or whatever they are.
  247. Siberia
  248. One of my favourite b-sides ever! Nice tune that sounds arctic (as the name suggests), with a cool native-sounding female vocal.
  249. Soultrain
  250. Hard trance track to end TSTE. The powerful beat makes one think of a train.
  251. So What’cha Want
  252. One of my favourite Scooter tracks, from WBTN!. Features HP voice with some effect, good bass and interesting background sounds. Good lyrics!
  253. Space Cowboy
  254. Cool trance tune from S album. Great bass, nice female vocals, and HP singing once in a while. This song is amusing because “space cowboy” sounds so insane.
  255. Sputnik
  256. Nice chillout b-side.
  257. Stripped
  258. Pretty good Scooter song and the best version of this song (Stripped) I’ve ever heard. Features HP singing and a great sound world. Could be synthpop or EBM (I think). From MTG album.
  259. Stuttgart
  260. A beautiful instrumental rave track from OHH.
  261. Suavemente
  262. On MTG this song was an instrumental, but later on it was released as a single with HP vocals and plenty of changes and additions. Cool summer track!
  263. Suffix
  264. An excellent chillout b-side. Very calming and nice to listen to. The synth is uplifting in my opinion.
  265. Summer Wine
  266. Peaceful track from the S album. A duet between HP and some female voice. Sounds pretty good.
  267. Sunrise (Ratty’s Inferno)
  268. Great trance b-side. Cool calmer part in the middle. Great sawing bass after that.
  269. Taj Mahal
  270. A cool chillout b-side! Cool soundscapes, very relaxing tune, perhaps the mildest Scooter track ever what it comes to moving crowds — but it isn’t this track’s purpose, anyways.
  271. Take A Break
  272. A track from TSTE. Features some HP vocals and excellent synth lines (and bass). The melody always reminds me of pirates or something sea related.
  273. Take Me Baby
  274. One of my favourite Scooter tracks. Awesome bass line and HP vocals singing. The background builds up slowly and the slow hard beat has a cool ruggedness in it. From WGTLLN?.
  275. Te Quiero
  276. Very interesting b-side with strange sounds and Spanish female vocals! Sounds really cool, and it’s about six and a half minutes long too! Nicely experimental, a lot different to what Scooter has done before.
  277. The Age Of Love
  278. Great tune from AOL, with a familiar melody used in Terminator score.
  279. The Avenger’s Back
  280. Good track from MTG with HP vocals.
  281. The Chaser
  282. Excellent track from MTG. Strong bass line, crowd cheering, HP vocals, some female singing high, and nice synths. Too bad this wasn’t released as a single!
  283. The Definition
  284. The intro track of JAOTW — a very different kind of intro usually heard on Scooter albums. This one works with its simplicity; on background there’s orchestral music playing and a computer-generated female voice tells a definition for jumping, and in the end tells us to listen for the guys’ beats and jump!
  285. The Fish Is Jumping
  286. A b-side track that’s a nice, hard jumpstyle version of ‘How Much Is The Fish?‘! But it’s also a lot different to HMITF?, so it’s not any direct conversion to jump — the only connecting thing in these two songs is the melody.
  287. The First Time
  288. Great track from the W! album. Sounds very nice, and there’s good non-high-pitched female voice singing once in a while.
  289. The Greatest Difficulty
  290. The first outro track ever on a Scooter album, this one on JAOTW. It’s a joke track, kind of, with same orchestral background and voice as in the intro, and this one recommends not to try to find the end because it’s already there — the last word’s echo nicely fading into nothingness, the album is over.
  291. The Hardcore Massive
  292. Scooter goes hardstyle with this track! A cool instrumental hardstyle track from JAOTW.
  293. The Hi Hat Song
  294. A pretty cool b-side, reminding of the 2nd chapter a bit — a rather hard track with experimental touch and some harshness, cool hi-hat buzz going through the entire song! Only during the last minute a haunting melody appears on the background, but doesn’t take over. Fast drum snares kick in at times. It’s an interesting experiment, probably their first track where melody is left to lesser attention.
  295. The Leading Horse
  296. An experimental track from WGTLLN?. Features excellent bass line and HP doing some rapping! Sounds very good. Also, has some HPV.
  297. The Learning Process
  298. Track from BTTHJ with a few strange lyrics. This song advises to learn!
  299. The Night
  300. Excellent Scooter tune from TSTE. Better as a single version. Has all the great Scooter elements in it.
  301. The Pusher 1
  302. A powerful instrumental, a b-side.
  303. The Pusher 2
  304. An instrumental b-side, very danceable.
  305. The Question Is What Is The Question
  306. Scooter’s first try at jumpstyle — and it’s working well! A happy summer track to make the crowd jumping. I was fortunate enough to hear it for the first time it was played, on a festival in Denmark! First single of JAOTW, released before the album was even announced.
  307. The Revolution
  308. A track from BTTHJ. HP vocals and great bass.
  309. The Shit That Killed Elvis
  310. An TUAO track with great bass and crowd singing!
  311. The Silence Of T. 1210 MK II
  312. A cool experimental b-side! Features some pretty fast drumming and such!
  313. The United Vibe
  314. Great Scooter anthem from TUAO! HP lyrics, massive bass, great synths! Sheer energy! Total energy!
  315. This Is A Monstertune
  316. A hardcore track from OHH. No HP vocals.
  317. Time And Space
  318. A kicking trance to end NTTC.
  319. Tonight
  320. An instrumental from AOL with various soft sounds and some female vocals.
  321. Trance-Atlantic
  322. Pretty nice trance from MTG. Nice synth sounds.
  323. Transcendental
  324. Nice trance track from WBTN!.
  325. Tribal Tango
  326. A jumpstyle b-side with jungle/native elements, perhaps thus the name ‘tribal’!
  327. Trip To Nowhere
  328. Great trance track to end MTG. Sounds very good, and a bit sad too (as does the name of the song), in my opinion, of course.
  329. Turn Up That Blaster
  330. An instrumental b-side with some nice vocal samples.
  331. U.F.O. Phenomena
  332. Great electro instrumental with very kicking bass, from TUAO. Features very cool vocoder sound.
  333. Unity Without Words (Part 1)
  334. A classic Scooter b-side instrumental. Very nice.
  335. Unity Without Words (Part II)
  336. The Unity continues. Great instrumental.
  337. Unity Without Words Pt.3
  338. Nice trance instrumental from WGTLLN?. The 3rd chapter addition to the UWW series. A lot different in sound compared to the two older.
  339. Up In Smoke
  340. Cool instrumental jumpstyle b-side that has old-school feeling in it, like from the 90s but somehow modernized. The melody is great.
  341. Vallée de larmes
  342. This tune was the start of Scooter. The French name translated to English is “Valley Of Tears”.
  343. Waiting For Spring
  344. Another well known track from ATBGO!. Happy raving, what else can I say? I don’t know how to describe music that well. Not my favourites but not bad either.
  345. Watch Out
  346. Nice trancey tune from BTTHJ. Gets better towards the end, I especially like the snare drums.
  347. Way Up North
  348. A great trance b-side! Cool female vocals and melodies in this one.
  349. We Are The Greatest
  350. Great electro tune from NTTC! The single version features HP vocals whereas the album version is an instrumental. Naturally there are other differences as well, and the album version is a bit longer. Both feature some nice vocal in them.
  351. We Bring The Noise!
  352. WBTN! track sharing the same name with the album. Features HP vocals, crowd, good bass, and nice electric guitar!
  353. Wednesday
  354. A b-side with nice groove!
  355. Weekend
  356. It’s weeekeeeeend! A TSTE tune with HP and HPV. Great song with cool synths.
  357. Well Done, Peter
  358. One of my favourite tunes. From the album BTTHJ. Sounds somehow claustrophobic, if that’s even possible. The peaceful part in the middle is surprising. Louder!
  359. We Take You Higher
  360. Happy hardcore from W! to take you higher! Has HP vocals.
  361. When I Was A Young Boy
  362. More rave from W!. HP voices and fast paced drums. Nice melody on the background.
  363. Where Do We Go?
  364. Nice trance tune from S album.
  365. Whistling Dave
  366. Heh, it’s what it promises, Dave aka HP whistling! From JAOTW. Sounds very nice. The melody is some old Russian one, but the rest of the world knows it from Tetris, works great as jumpstyle! The guys clearly had a sense of humour and placed a voice saying ‘game over’ at the track’s end!
  367. Wicked Introduction
  368. As you probably guessed, this track is the intro track of W! album. Nice sounds.
  369. Zebras Crossing The Street
  370. Good instrumental from W!. Has a cool vocal with nice lyrics. Is it the life you want to live?